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New medical treatments such as “Optical Coherence Tomography” have made advancements to make the device less noisy and the images clearer to the pleasure of doctors and patients worldwide. Other new treatments such as “Ultrasound Pachmetry” and “Pictor Plus” have been introduced to improve patient care and medical treatment. As well as this, a teenager has used 3D printing and artificial intelligence techniques to develop technology pinpointing individuals who are at risk of eye diseases.

Flashers and floaters – what are they and are they harmful? Flashers and floaters can be caused by bright lights, e.g. when a camera flash is on or lightning strikes. They’re the “stars” you may see when you rub your eyes too hard or stand up too fast and can be caused because of changes in the vitreous inside the eye. These shrink as we get older and begins to separate from the retina and it’s very common and has no long-lasting damage to the eye.

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