Unbelievable Facts About The Human Eye

Your retinas actually perceive the outside world as upside-down – your brain flips the image for you.

  • In addition to being upside-down, images arrive at your retina split in half and distorted.

  • Your retinas cannot detect the colour red.

  • All humans originally had brown eyes. Blue eyes appeared as a mutation about 6,000 years ago.

  • On average, you blink 17 times a minute. That’s 14,280 times in a 14-hour day, and 5.2 million times a year.

  • If you’re shortsighted, your eyeball is longer than normal. If you’re farsighted, it’s shorter than average.

  • Your eyes are almost the same size as they were when you were born.

  • Newborn babies can see clearly up to 15 inches away.

  • Your tears have different compositions based on whether something’s irritating your eye, or you’re crying, or yawning.

  • Your eye is constantly making tiny jerking movements called “microsaccades” to stop objects from fading from your vision.

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